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Sergeeva Irina Anatol'evna, Doctor of economic sciences, professor, sub-department of management, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia), 

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Background. The main functioning problems of the industrial enterprises of the region, and in the country as well, are the following: lack of working capital and investment funds, significant physical and moral depreciation of fixed assets, low competitiveness, excess of imports over exports, weak domestic demand, lack of efficient mechanisms of state support, loss of the innovative character of production, disbalance with industrial tariff policy of natural monopolies. In these circumstances, the most effective instrument of industrial policy is the cluster strategy, stipulating the guarantee of establishing lasting economic relations between partners on the basis of development of integration processes, well-proven worldwide, and providing high profitability of production, increasing competitiveness of production and expansion of sales markets. The purpose of the work is to substantiate the necessity of integration of the cluster approach in the development strategy of industrial enterprises in the region on the basis of identification of the competitive advantages of the cluster compared with similar structural formations.
Materials and methods. Realization of the research task was accomplished through the usege of official materials of the Government of the Penza region, as well as the study of works by Russian scientists on the problem. Methodological potential includes monographic method that allows to investigate the approaches to the development of industrial enterprises previously proposed by scientists, the available legislation to accomplish the developemnt and shortcomings thereof, as well as the positive experience of foreign countries in solving the problem under investigation. The author also used the statistical method, the importance of which is obvious for the analysis of the data related to the identification trends in creation and development of clusters, both at the level of the region and at the country level; and the comparative analysis to identify the competitive advantages of the cluster in comparison with other groups of this type.
Results. The author identified a number of conditions that both drive and prevent the development of clusters in the region as well as the main directions of cluster policy in the region. On the basis of targets the author substantiated the necessity of integration of the cluster approach in the development strategy of industrial enterprises. The researcher carried out the monitoring of activities and development of clusters in the region and substantiated the competitive advantages of the cluster compared with other groups.
Conclusions. Study of the competitive advantages of cluster structures emphasizes the urgent need for the integration of the cluster approach in the development strategy of industrial enterprises, promoting systematic approach for solving wide range of tasks on the transition of Russian economy to innovative socially oriented type of development. 

Key words

industrial complex, cluster approach, integration, strategy development. 

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